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I need to post this in a hurry. A guy from a tree service is coming this morning to give me an estimate on bringing down a tree in my front yard, a tree mangled by the crew hired by Duke Energy to protect their power lines.

I’d say that I’d be willing to pay higher rates for Duke to bury their lines, except that it seems like that would be a smart investment on their part, one that would save them millions of dollars over time. Right now they’ve got crews out all over my part of the state, trying to restore power to the tens of thousands of customers who lost it during the most recent ice storm.  I don’t begrudge those crews their overtime pay – I’ve paid for it already.

And according to Duke’s CEO, I can look forward to paying for them to clean up the ash ponds they were supposed to clean up years ago.

So far, at least, Duke has said they will pay for cleaning up the Dan, which is getting even dirtier (but not dirtier enough to be another violation, so the river’s got that going for it, I guess).

But I don’t believe them.


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